Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Q: Do you give discounts?
Yes. Check out the "Special Offers" section for the latest offerings.

Q: In the past I've seen some pretty sketchy people who called themselves window cleaners. How can I be sure that your employees are safe to let into my home and around my family?
Please rest easy. In addition to wearing uniforms, all of our employees must pass a thorough background check before being offered employment. The vendor that we use for this is called Many familiar businesses across the country trust them with their employment searches. It's been our experience that if someone is hiding something, will find it. Those people are not welcome in our company.

Q: Why do you work in the Winter?
Our customers want clean windows year round and we're in the customer service business. People do clean windows in colder climates than ours(Alaska, Canada, etc.). We know how to treat the water so it won't freeze. Admittedly, it is uncomfortable but bearable. And besides, our bills, and those of our employees, don't stop just because it's Winter. None of us are independently wealthy. We only make money if we work. Knowing how to work in bad weather comes in handy. There is no perceptible difference in the quality of cleaning in the Winter compared to the other seasons.

Q: Do you use a power washer to clean my screens?
No. Even the least powerful power washer can tear/damage screens. All screens are not created equal. Some screening or frames are very fragile and you must be aware of that. Even though we are insured we would never use a cleaning method that would likely cause damage to what we are cleaning.
The least abusive but most effective method we have found is to carefully wipe down the screens with a detergent-soaked towel. This removes a large majority of the debris and dirt and provides satisfactory results for most screens. This method is also complimentary (no charge) with our "in and out" service.
If you desire that we scrub your screens with a brush or use chemicals to remove oxidation or restore shine, there is an extra charge.

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?
The frequency of service is always up to you. For residential, we suggest a frequency of every 3 months having the outsides cleaned. Have the insides cleaned every 6 months. This will make you the envy of the neighborhood. For commercial locations, it depends more on the type of business. If you own a restaurant, have the windows cleaned weekly, or at the very least, every two weeks.  For retail or office space, once a month or every two months is appropriate. As you know in the end, budget and priority are the ruling factors.

Q: My screens are broken/torn/falling apart. Should I buy new screens or can you fix them?
In some cases they can be fixed. If the parts exist, they can usually be repaired. However, some screens are made with proprietary parts that need to come directly from the manufacturer.  We can refer a few locations close to your residence that repair screens.